Commencing Friday, July 31st, face masks or coverings are mandatory in enclosed public spaces and select outdoor areas in Banff.

This includes:

  • Hotel common areas
  • Restaurants and Cafes, including Patios
  • Stores and Malls
  • Libraries, Museums and Galleries
  • Outdoors in the designated downtown zone (see map below).
Banff Mandatory Mask Zone

The mask must cover your nose, mouth and chin. Failure to wear a mask in the required areas could result in a $150 fine.

If you do not own a reusable non-medical mask, consider purchasing one in Banff and supporting a local business! A list of Bow Valley vendors selling masks, and full details of Banff’s Temporary Mask Bylaw are available here:

What does this mean for your stay at The Juniper?

Guests are required to wear a mask in all common areas of the hotel, including:

  • Lobby and Front Desk area
  • Hallways
  • Public washrooms
  • The Juniper Bistro & Patio

Masks are not required in other outdoor areas around the hotel, such as the picnic tables. Please maintain 2 metres/6 feet of distance from anyone outside your household group.

When dining at Juniper Bistro, we ask that you wear your mask until you are seated, and any time you leave your table during your visit. While sat at your table, you are welcome to remove it and enjoy your meal!

Young children and individuals with certain medical needs are exempt from wearing a mask. If you are exempt on medical grounds, we appreciate you letting our staff know at the earliest opportunity so that we don’t remind you unnecessarily. Learn more about exemptions.

Our staff will verbally remind anyone not wearing a mask in a required area. Failure to comply with any hotel policy may result in removal from the premises and confrontational behaviour towards any member of staff will not be tolerated.

If at least 80% of people wear masks regularly, we can have a significant impact on community transmission of Covid-19. By wearing your mask you protect others, including those who may be unable to wear one for medical reasons. Thank you for your support in keeping our community safe and Banff’s businesses open.

Need a mask? Just ask! We have complimentary single-use masks and hygiene kits available at the Front Desk.