October 5, 2014 - 10:44 pm

Bon Appétit

Our chef preparing herbs in the kitchen

Banff’s Homegrown Food Festival: Bon Appétit

Thursday 13th November – Sunday 23rd November
$47 for a three-course meal

The Juniper’s kitchen team are excited to present sensational new dishes and flavours during this year’s festival.

Our Head Chef, Danny Beaulieu, designed the menu for Bon Appétit using seasonal ingredients that would really showcase the freshness of the produce in each dish.

Pine, shitake, oyster and shimeji mushrooms used in the Rabbit Lasagna

The Rabbit Lasagna is a dish Danny has been perfecting for nearly a year. It’s something he tasted as a child and left such an imprint on him that he has been trying to recreate it ever since. Danny is excited to share this dish with other food-lovers during this festival.

The Warm Pear Salad starter came about when our team were playing around in the kitchen. It is served with an incredibly tender pear that has been sous-vided in red wine that truly melts-in-your-mouth! A must-try.

Rebecca, our in-house pastry chef, designed the dessert menu complete with Fuiji Apple Tart, Chocolate Pecan Pie & Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta Verrine. Rebecca dreamt up the panna cotta to showcase seasonal citrus fruits alongside the comfort texture of a pana cotta, with a dash of decadence found in the macrons.

Fuiji Apple Tart and Rebecca Hooper, our pastry chef in the background

This event offers you the chance to experience some of our decadent and house made food at an appetizing price. Dine on three courses, each with a unique, new offering to choose from, for $47 per person. See the full menu here.

Reservations: 1-866-551-2281.