Our Banff luxury accommodations are proud to be pet friendly as a part of your Rocky Mountain getaways when staying at Banff hotels.
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Arctos and Bird
At our hotels in Banff you and your pets are welcome to experience all that Banff National Park has to offer. We are proud to offer Rocky Mountain pet friendly hotels accommodation in Banff while offering economical bed and breakfast accommodations. We offer Rocky Mountain bed and breakfast, pet friendly hotels in Banff bed and breakfast accommodation in Banff. Proud to offer Rocky Mountain bed and breakfast pet friendly accommodations in Banff hotels.

Pet Friendly Hotel in Banff 
More than Pet Friendly - Pets Pampered!

The Juniper Hotel is proud to be a top choice among pet owners who visit Banff National Park. We will warmly welcome you and your pet to a home away from home at The Juniper.

Stay in one of the designated guest rooms on the first floor:

  • Norquay Guest Rooms #112 - #116 with two double beds;
  • Norquay Guest Room #111 with one king-sized bed; or,
  • Mountain Panorama Rooms #101 - #110 with two doubles or one king-sized bed.
  • Or ask about the Mount Norquay Chalet.  

Call 1-866-551-2281 to pre-arrange your per-friendly room.
Check Rates & Availability 

Expect to pay $25 per day per pet, and look forward to receiving The Juniper Hotel's special pet amenities:

  • Plush pet bed;
  • Food dish & water bowl;
  • Pet friendly trail maps; and
  • Clean up baggies.

The Juniper Hotel Pet Policy:

  • Pre-arrange a pet friendly rooms through the Front Desk upon making your reservation. 
  • The hotel reserves the right to decline pet stays that are not prearranged.
  • Do not leave your pet unattended in the guest room. 
  • If you do leave your pet unattended, you will not receive housekeeping services.
  • Hotel personnel are not responsible or liable for watching over an unattended pet.
  • The hotel reserves the right to evict a guest whose pet causes damage or ongoing noise that may disturb or disrupt the experience of other hotel guests.
  • As a pet owner, you acknowledge that damage to hotel property and/or people, especially other guests, may result in legal action.

The Juniper donates 5% of the proceeds of its pet friendly program to Friends of Banff National Park  for wildlife education programs. 

Take advantage of this convenient, welcoming accommodation for your next Rocky Mountain pet-accompanied stay.


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